I thought I would post this watercolour and pencil drawing of a pair of Lovebirds seeing as it is Valentine’s Day tomorrow. How romantic is that? Although of course, Lovebirds are not just for February 14th.

I enjoy using watercolour pencils as you can get a great amount of vibrant detail with them using the point, or slosh lots of water around and use them as a wash. A very versatile medium to mirror any mood you feel like painting in…. 


Impressionist painting of Bradford on Avon…

ImageWell a few days further on this and several main building colour changes later, this is how the latest painting is coming along. I added the glare from the window free of charge! There is not much more to do on the whole except add more depth and shading to certain parts, but I cannot do that until the picture has had time to dry out a little. It is pointless trying to do it while the medium is still so creamy, else I will just end up with muddy looking blobs. Not that there is anything wrong with muddy blobiness of course… especially if you are painting mud wrestling clouds. Oo next time I am stuck for inspiration I may give that scenario a go.

Foray into impressionism….

bradford on avon oil painting


Finally back to the ol’ blogosphere again after some time out. This time I should have plenty to post on a regular basis as I am now gearing up for an exhibition at the end of May. It was a present from my husband to myself as a ”Get Well Soon” boost. Nothing aids recuperation faster than painting like a crazy lady, we say in this household! Luckily it was only another hip operation and not a painting hand, so it is all systems go for the next three months.

Here is the beginnings of a new oil painting. I generally paint in a much more tight, realistic manner but have had a hankering for loosening up and having a more impressionistic style to my work. As you can see I still have a long way to go but the shape is building nicely…….


Lovely labradors……

watercolour pet portrait of labradors

Hot off the press is the latest pet portrait. A handsome pair of fellows I think, but then I do have a soft spot for labbies; I’m not sure if it is because they appreciate any food you give them (unlike small children and broccoli) or it’s because their wagging tails are perpetual motion personified. Either way, it was a pleasure drawing them. It has been nice to get back in the swing of things after convalescing and a holiday abroad (”Oh it’s alright for some!” I hear you cry!) It felt good to hold weapons of mass drawing in my hands again, even the ensuing cramping was welcome. Next stop must be oils or something equally as messy as the studio looks eerily clean at present. It is quite off-putting…….


You never need to walk far……..

 tit using bird feeder

One of the joys of working where we do here at the gallery is the never-ending supply of photographic material just outside the door. The cherry tree is a delight and provides a lot of inspiration through the changing seasons. Not only do you get a display of cherries and foliage, but also a constant supply of small birds making the most of the food we hang for them. We get a very lazy, fat pigeon too but as he is not quite so photogenic we leave him be to hoover up all the scraps the smaller, more agile visitors leave. My husband does a very passable impression of him running around and flapping his arms, when he tries to shoo him off from making a mess of the table and chairs- maybe that should be the next ‘wildlife’ shot!

Keeping it consistant….

This is Rosie and one of the few portraits I have done from a client’s photograph, as I prefer to use a very detailed shot. Luckily for me the dog was clear and there was lots of detail to go on. She is a pretty dog, with possibly a touch of the Basil the Brush about her? Or is it Fantastic Mr Fox? Either way she was a rich and bright colour and it as fun using a more complicated palette. Enjoy

Bradford on Avon wins city status….

View across Bradford on Avon town centre


for a whole day! I thought cities were historically supposed to have cathedrals, so I am hoping we  get an inflatable one for the day. If we do and I can get a good enough bounce action going on, I can check out my camera’s anti shake system fully and take some never before seen (or ever again!) photographs over the top of the town. I could walk up Tory I suppose and scan downwards but hey! How entertaining does a ‘bouncy cathedral’ instead of castle sound?

Bradford on Avon won this accolade in a competition hosted by 5Live recently, as part of the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations. A thousand or so towns were whittled down to three and people asked to vote.  It’s good publicity for the town at the very least, and of course adds another town centre street party date… oh, we do like a street party here. I was going to post a link to the local paper for more reading material on this topic, but some of the comments posted by people there don’t fit in with my panglossian image I am attempting to promote!

This photograph was taken by me from the middle of the town’s bridge using a Sony Sweep, which has totally distorted the angles and given a very interesting perspective on an old favourite. Enjoy.